Welcome to the Rigor Optimization API!

Rigor supports a RESTful API to access many of the web performance metrics found in the Rigor Optimization application. The Rigor API requires an active license for the Rigor Optimization product to use. If you are not currently a Rigor Optimization customer, Contact Us to start your trial today!

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Accessing the API

All API methods can be accessed by applying HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) to URLs of this structure:

(GET | POST | PUT | DELETE) https://optimization-api.rigor.com/{version}/{Path}

For example:

GET https://optimization-api.rigor.com/v2/Tests

Supported Methods

Rigor utilizes a versioning scheme in the API url to preserve backward compatibility for our clients. Visit the Versions page to access the documentation for older versions of the API.

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All API access is authenticated via an API token sent in the HTTP header with each API request. To find your API token, visit the API Credentials page in the Settings section of the Rigor Optimization application.

Supply a header named API-KEY in your API requests to pass your API User Key value. For example:

API-KEY: 6DE1B93D4419EE2A7B81173A453FCFF8

If your api user key has multi-account access, you may also need to supply a header named ACCOUNT-KEY for any API functions that operate on a single account (eg. Tests, Snapshots, Defects, Content). This key can also be found on the API Credentials page. For example:


Content Format

Content can be sent or received in either JSON or XML. By default, all content is returned in JSON.

For POST and PUT operations, you must set the Content-Type header to either application/json or application/xml. For example:

Content-Type: application/json

To receive in a different format, use the Accept header, for example:

Accept: application/xml


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